Modular kitchen cost for small, modern, Indian style kitchen designs in Chennai

First of all, Home interior design cost  and modular kitchen cost are not same for all.  This calculator created based on small, modern, Indian style  apartments. As part of cost planning,  you will get best idea about home interior design customization cost  here.

Estimate your cost of Modular kitchen, Bedroom products like wardrobe, loft etc. and also modular kitchen accessories rates as well.

How to use this modular kitchen cost calculator ?

In addition, this calculator having two different section, therefore you can calculate modular kitchen cost and complete home interior design cost separately.

  • Taking measurement for both kitchen and bedroom are almost same.
  • Base cabinet length is equal to sum of all the required sides of bottom cabinet length.
  • Wall cabinets length is equal to sum of all the required sides of wall cabinet length.
  • Same as for loft length in both bedroom and kitchen.
  • Try to give exact value to achieve the right home interior design cost.

Modular kitchen cost estimationHome interior design cost estimation

Fill the requirement details:

[[[["field6","equal_to","Only Modular Kitchen"]],[["show_fields","field8,field9,field16,field15,field10,field11,field38,field12,field13,field43"]],"and"],[[["field6","equal_to","1 BHK"]],[["show_fields","field8,field9,field16,field15,field10,field11,field38,field12,field13,field14,field17,field18,field19,field20,field21,field43,field28,field29,field31,field33,field32,field34,field40,field41,field42,field35,field36,field37"]],"and"],[[["field6","equal_to","2 BHK"]],[["show_fields","field8,field9,field16,field15,field10,field11,field38,field12,field13,field14,field17,field18,field19,field20,field21,field22,field25,field24,field43,field28,field29,field31,field33,field32,field34,field40,field41,field42,field35,field36,field37"]],"and"],[[["field6","equal_to","3 BHK"]],[["show_fields","field8,field9,field16,field15,field10,field11,field38,field12,field14,field17,field18,field19,field20,field21,field22,field23,field24,field26,field25,field27,field28,field29,field31,field33,field32,field34,field40,field41,field42,field35,field36,field37,field43,field13"]],"and"]]
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